Serving in the Canada Edmonton Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Week 94, 7/18/17

Hola mis amigos,  

 This week was awesome and packed with a ridiculous amount of stuff we did, and spiritual experiences, as usual. :) 

Sadly we can't seem to escape the office lately because of a whole bunch of stuff coming up that we have to get ready for.  A couple big service events, smartphones and Facebook being implemented mission-wide, zone conference coming up, another MLC meeting this week, I could go on and on.  But we did get to do a good amount of proselyting this week!  We had another great lesson with Sarah followed by some bad news.  She was progressing and everything, but then told us that she was moving to Fort Mac for the rest of the summer.  From what she said it sounded like she was pretty much already gone, but then a few nights later we saw her from a distance walking around her townhouse complex.... Yeah weird.   

...typical moment in a typical day in my mission...
We taught Tanesor again!  I was on exchanges in Ellerslie when it happened, but apparently it went really well and he remembers a lot of the Plan of Salvation and the importance of baptism. He is awesome. Sadly he couldn't make it to church though.  Ray is doing well too, he is starting to get involved in ARP which will be really good for him.  

I have a bunch of funny stories I could tell from our finding this week such as a lady borrowing our phone to call someone to bring her a pair of pants cuz she had just soiled hers, us confounding a guy who was trying to roast us and him telling us to ask "the darkest of the dark" black man cuz they will "know more about why we suck", random people telling us about their bowel problems, etc.  

E. Connelly
But I will tell a cool spiritual story. :)  We were LRT contacting (train contacting) and I went and sat next to a girl because it was the only open seat.  Before I could start a conversation, this member across the aisle started talking to me and asking me all these questions.  Just a piece of advice for all you, if you see a missionary out contacting, don't ruin their contacting. :) Anyways, I didn't get to talk to the girl I sat next to at all and I felt terrible because I could tell the Spirit was telling me that it was important that I talk to her.  Probably 20 minutes later we arrived back at the stop the girl got off at, and I could see across the street the same girl was waiting at a bus stop!  So of course I went stalker mode and high-tailed it over there and finally talked to her. It was a little awkward breaking the ice because she probably thought I was totally stalking her, which I honestly kind of was hahaha. I ended up teaching her about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ and she seems really interested and we are meeting with her this weekend!

President's Aunt :)

I'm so grateful the Lord gave me a second chance. :)  Life is good, the gospel is true, and our Savior and Father in Heaven live and love us!   

Weekly Scripture: 3 Nephi 11:33 And whoso believeth in me, and is baptized, the same shall be saved; and they are they who shall inherit the kingdom of God.   

Exchange with E. Pollack

Pics: 1) Exchanges with elder pollock 2) typical 3-4) exchanges with Elder Connelly in good ol ellerslie 5-8)-yesterday we spent most of the day moving the mission home. President let us take a pic with his aunt

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