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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 86, 5/23/17

RED DEER adventures
Hi fam:)  

Well today is nuts because tomorrow is transfers so this will be short and sweet!         

We finished off our Red Deer road trip on Friday morning and headed back up to Edmonton, we had to run a super out of the way errand though so it took about 4 hours. The last few days of our Red Deer trip were great though!  I exchanged with Elder Fontillas and Elder Jared Evan Jenson, yes thee Elder Jenson.  Elder Fontillas and I found a new investigator named Tamara who committed to be baptized when she found out it was true!  It was super awesome, we started tracting and she was the first person who answered.  She was golden in my opinion, hopefully things go well with her!    
Our homies Opi and Stephen put us on their snap stories!

The next evening Elder Fontillas and I were in a sweet little town called Rocky Mountain House and these two drunk guys called us over from a ways away and started talking to us.  They were such homies! They invited us in to watch the hockey game and asked us a bunch of awesome questions about what we do and our beliefs... and stuff about our girlfriends, personal lives etc. We had a great time sharing the restoration with them, hopefully they go to church on Sunday.  Such homies.
Well the last item of business is transfers! On Saturday Elder Mejia, Elder Payne, Elder Hunsaker and I had a long meeting with President to finalize transfers, and then afterwards President had us play soccer for a few hours with his 14 year old son.  Haha super unexpected but so fun!         

I am officially done being a traveling missionary!  Elder Mejia and I ended up driving about 11,200 kilometers (7000 miles) for the 9 weeks we were traveling the mission, that is more than 1/4 of the distance around the equator!!  Man, it was a good ride :)  I am now in the Southgate Ward, in southern-central Edmonton with my buddy Elder Jess Robert Hunsaker again!  Reunited😍 It will be a blast serving with him again. In case you're confused, E. Payne and I switched callings.  Elder Hunsaker and I are now the non-traveling assistants (pretty much the real APs who do all the AP stuff), and Elder Payne is the traveling assistant with Elder Anderson, my comp in Ellerslie. I will talk more about the work going on in my area next week.          

Well I hope you all have a stellar last week of May. Love you bye😊   

Weekly Scripture: go read your own scriptures   

Pent-o-pan with all my former comps.  E. Anderson is now traveling AP!

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