Serving in the Canada Edmonton Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 76, transfer update

It's quite an interesting situation... I won't have a proselyting area!  I'm actually going to be an assistant to the president.... yikes lol.  Pray for me😂 seriously though.  There are going to be two assistants in the city who will do a lot of the office work, Elder Payne and Elder Hunsaker, and then Elder Mejia and I will be traveling around the whole mission going on 2-3 day exchanges and working with a bunch of elders.  So I won't really have a home, I won't have my own area, I won't really have a solid companion I work with all the time... it will be weird but awesome 😊 I'm am super bummed to leave Ellerslie though.  Things are going so well😢.  I'm pretty sure I will still get to go to all their baptisms though, Mcxxxxx asked me to baptize her so I will definitely be going to her and Hexxxxxs. Hexxxxx is so unbelievably awesome... but yeah.  The name for what I will be is a traveling assistant.

E. Bonny

Dear Brother and Sister Bonny,

Your son has recently been called to serve as an Assistant to the President in the Canada Edmonton Mission. To give you some context of this assignment, exemplary missionaries who have demonstrated a high level of obedience and skill development in teaching are selected to work closely with the mission president. Although there may be others who are qualified to serve, only about 4-6 are called to this assignment every year. Your son is an exemplary missionary and has been selected by prayerful consideration. This is an assignment of distinction, and demonstrates just how significantly your son has lost his life in the service of others. For your information, here is a copy of the call letter he will receive:


Dear Elder Bonny, 

You have been called to serve as an Assistant to the President in the Canada Edmonton Mission. This assignment places you in a significant position of trust. Other missionaries will look to you for leadership and an example of what the Lord expects a missionary to be and do. I will look to you to honor that trust at all times and in all places. The Missionary Handbook (pp.55-66) teaches what is expected from mission leaders. Please study it carefully, review it often, and live by it fully and completely as you fulfill your assignment. In your assignment as an Assistant to the President you are to:

1. Plan, prepare, and present training for missionaries.
2. Train zone leaders, including conducting companion exchanges with zone leaders either in your own area or the zone leader's area.
3. Conduct companion exchanges with other missionaries as directed by the mission president.  

All training and proselyting in the mission is based on the scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and the Missionary Handbook. In this sacred trust you will learn of private matters which must be kept confidential. To talk of these matters, except with the mission president, could result in spiritual injury to God's children. The Lord loves you and inspired your call to serve as an Assistant to the President. I love you and look forward to working with you. This call places you in the view of every missionary in the Canada Edmonton Mission. Your example sets the standard for the mission. Therefore, lead a Christ-centered life and fulfill your purpose to invite all to come unto Christ.

George C. Pattison,
President, Canada Edmonton Mission

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