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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 74, 2/28/17

What's up party people?  THIS WEEK WAS INSANELY GOOD.  Probably the best week work-wise since Slave Lake.  It's like the work just exploded just in a couple days and the Lord lead us straight to the people who are prepared.  

Let's start with the more boring stuff.  On Wednesday I was on exchanges in Ellerslie with Elder Robinson.  It was a good day full of finding!  We found some solid potentials, and also got microscopically critiqued during our message by the dude who took us out to supper. It was pretty harsh, super awkward, and bizarre haha.  The content of his advice was decent though.  Every member a mission president!!:)

Meeting with the Wainright District
Thursday we had district meeting with one of the outlying districts clear out in a town called Wainwright about 2 hours southeast of Edmonton.  They only have one set of elders and one set of sisters in that district so they can't have district meeting if we don't come.  It was great and we made steaks for lunch afterward!  When we got back into town we had another good lesson with Jacob, the YSA-aged chill guy.  It was a passover lesson with the YSA elders, so he's not our investigator anymore but hopefully things go well with him.


Saturday is where things get crazy.  In the morning we were tracting, I bet you can't guess where.  Okay you guessed right, townhouses. After finding a pretty solid potential we knocked the next door and its a guy named Andres from Colombia who is super nice and lets us in. Apparently his girlfriend is a pretty solid member of the church, and he has been wondering about religion lately.  We taught him the restoration and committed him to baptism on April 15th!  He is YSA aged, and speaks Spanish better than English though so we will probably end up passing him over to someone else soon sadly, we wish we could teach him but we are just glad we found him!   

A little bit later in the day we were driving somewhere to tract some townhouses, and we were driving past a complex where we found a pretty solid potential investigator.  I just felt like "what the heck lets just go try by while we are in the area, what's the worst thing that can happen" so we tried by and she opened the door and let us talk to her for a bit, we briefly taught her about the restoration and invited her to church next day. She is super prepared for the message, there's quite a bit of backstory but let's just say she's figuring out what she wants in life and searching for peace. She has three kids who are all old enough to be baptized and they all came to church on Sunday for all three hours. Her name is Heather, her two sons names are Jack and Bobby and she has a 12-year-old daughter and I can't remember her name right now because I'm terrible with names, but that's beside the point. Heather seemed to enjoy church, but I asked Bobby after church if he liked it and he said he totally didn't hahaha. Oh well the spirit will work on him.  

We found out that Heather's good friend passed away yesterday, so please pray for her. We are going over there tonight and will hopefully commit them to be baptized.  Dorine was also at church again and we taught her a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation before church. She bore an awesome testimony of the book of Mormon and how much peace it has brought into her life, as well as how God has prepared a way for her to come to church amidst really busy life circumstances.   She is still on track for baptism on March 25.  She is so awesome, apparently she talks about the book of Mormon and Christian stuff in general to all of her Sikh and Hindu friends at work on lunch and dinner breaks haha.  There's also a possibility that we could start teaching her daughter who is probably in her 30s as well, the work is progressing ridiculously fast it's hard to keep up with!

Elder Robinson
Sunday The miracles didn't cease, we were stopping by more potential's and a lady named Awt from Africa let us in can we taught her about the Book of Mormon.   She is a very Christian lady who converted from Islam, which is super rare. We had an appointment to go back there yesterday and she wasn't there so we aren't going to get super excited yet but she seems pretty sincerely interested in what we had to say, so cool beans eh?  Yesterday was honestly kind of a drag because we have three appointments set up that all either were rescheduled or fell through, we thought the tender mercies were going to continue but it looks like we'll have to wait until tonight when we teach Heather:)   

In other news this Ward feeds us out the wazoo and especially in the Mexican food department, I have had more Mexican food in the past eight weeks than I have in my whole life before coming here.  These members are so awesome, they instantly swoop up investigators who come to church with the perfect amount of friendship and love and we don't even have to worry about anything.  There's a special place in heaven for the Ellerslie ward👼🏽  Well, if you can't tell already, life is good.  I'm currently waiting for transfer calls to come with the news that either I am staying or going, if I get transferred right now I will not be a happy camper.... 

Transfer calls just came and ....we found out that we are getting a third companion again! This time though it is not like the last situation was, our new companion will be as zone leader as well, So there will be three of us zone leaders in Millwoods zone, the land of milk and curry. His name is Elder Moody, I already know him really well and he's awesome.  From St. George!  The Utah companion streak continues. In other news I just got a haircut at a Hindu hair salon (Millwoods is FULL of East Indians. Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, you name it) and the Gel they put in my hair smelled exactly like all East Indian people smell, so today should be a good day. Also the biggest news in quite some time is that they are building a panda express in our area!!! I have only had panda express once on my mission, and I miss it surprisingly more than a lot of other things.  So yes, life is still good:)

That's it for this week beloveds.  I hope you all had a good week, I never quite know how to end emails so I'll make it abrupt.... 
Weekly Scripture:Ether 12:18 And neither at any time hath any wrought miracles until after their faith; wherefore they first believed in the Son of God.  

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