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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 73, 2/21/17

Hey cuties. Ya know what?  This week was totally great.  Life is good when you're on he Lords team eh?

Not a lot happened Wednesday - Friday.  We did a bunch of finding with little success, but especially on Wednesday it was beyond easy to be motivated to go tracting because it got to +14 degrees (celcius) and it was sunny outside!!  WHAT?!!  We literally just tracted pretty much all day.  It felt like summer again, wearing our short sleeve shirts and all.  Thursday and Friday were decently warm too.  This winter has brought some strange weather patterns with it.  Two p-days ago it was almost down to -40 with windchill, last p-day it was +10 and sunny.  Just to put that in perspective, -40 fahrenheit and Celsius are equal, and +10 Celsius is +50 fahrenheit. Thats like a 90 degree shift in just a week!  Craziness!!

Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Moody, he is the definition of diligence.  We had literally nothing scheduled that day so we just did finding the whole day.  It was actually a really good day, and we found a lot of promising potential investigators.  As President Pattison says, "tracting is good for the soul".

Sunday we taught Dxxxxx again before church in a member's home and the lesson went great!  She committed to be baptized on March 25th, which actually turns out to be her birthday.  Now it will be her re-birthday too😉. She is hard to teach because she just LOVES to talk, so it will be a good challenge for us.  She is awesome!

Yesterday things continued to well for us.  We helped a less active and a non-member move for like 4 hours, wasn't really expected to be that long but they were very grateful for our help.  In the evening we were visiting a few potentials who other missionaries found a while ago and we stopped by this guy named Mxxxx and he let us in and we taught him the Restoration!  He is a super cool guy.  We think he may have just been super nice and had Mormon friends so he was willing to listen, but we are going back this week to teach him more so we will see how it goes.  Literally right after we taught Mxxxx, we went and taught Sxxxx again.  Sxxxx is a brother.  The lesson went great and I feel like the Lord really helped us answer some hard questions, and we taught him half the Plan of Salvation.  We are really hoping he finds answers to his prayers, and that his desire for logical and factual knowledge doesn't impede his spiritual truth seeking.  Pray for Sxxxx!
Yeah thats about it from this week.  Things are starting to pick up a little more and I'm a big fan.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is so true.  Living the gospel allows the Savior's atonement to change us, and brings happiness.  The gospel is more real than anything out there.  I'm trying to write this little tid-bit of a testimony with 6 missionaries all going crazy in the same room as me, so yeah I think I'm going to end this email before I start typing absolute nonsense.  Love you all!  

Weekly Scripture (quote from Jesus the Christ this week):
Two men may hear the same words; one of them listens in indolence and indifference, the other with active mind intent on learning all that the words can possibly convey; and, having heard, the diligent man goes straightway to do the things commended to him, while the careless one neglects and forgets. The one is wise, the other foolish; the one has heard to his eternal profit, the other to his everlasting condemnation.​​

                                    Cruising thru Ellerslie

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