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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 72, 2/14/17

What's up fam?  You are all looking extra swaggy today:)

Wednesday and Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Collins down in a town an hour southeast of Edmonton called Camrose.  It was a great exchange and we were able to find some people who were interested which is especially good for them because they don't have a lot going on.

selfie with E. Collins
Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Chamberlain in Ellerslie.  It wasn't super different because he is one of the elders staying with us in our house right now, but it was great to get to know him better, he's an awesome dude.  Again, we did tons of tracting that day, not too much happened though.

Sunday the first part was pretty miraculous. Some member brought someone she met at Walmart to church with her, her name is Dxxxxx and she had a great time at church.  She kept praising God for leading her here and talking about how she really felt the love of all the people there.  During the gospel principles class (which was being taught by someone who speaks Urdu, her native language... miracle!) the teacher was bearing testimony to her in Urdu about the Book of Mormon and she cut him off mid sentence and said, "show me one so I can read it!  I want to join this church!"..... So yeah we are pretty excited about her.  More updates to come hopefully.

Yesterday I was on exchanges with Elder Wells here in Ellerslie again and we did a bunch of finding and found some people who we are hopefully teaching on Wednesday.  It was a great exchange, just like the other two exchanges we were both able to learn some great things and get to know each other better.

E. Chamberlain

Well again, we worked super hard this week and not a whole lot happened but we have some good things in the works for next week, I feel like I say that every week though haha.  Anyway life is good:). I love being a missionary and I can feel the Holy Ghost confirming to me everyday that what I am doing is the Lord's work.  I love you all and hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day :)

Love - Elder B

Weekly Scripture:

Alma 41:5-6

5 The one raised to happiness according to his desires of happiness, or good according to his desires of good; and the other to evil according to his desires of evil; for as he has desired to do evil all the day long even so shall he have his reward of evil when the night cometh.

6 And so it is on the other hand. If he hath repented of his sins, and desired righteousness until the end of his days, even so he shall be rewarded unto righteousness.

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