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Friday, March 17, 2017

Week 76, 3/14/17

What's good fam? How's life?  Life is good up here.  We had another awesome and very crazy week!   

Hxxxxxx is doing amazing.  She is the most golden investigator I have ever taught.  Usually the super receptive ones are a little bit quack in other ways but that's not the case with Hxxxxxx, she is totally socially adept and will probably be a relief society president in a couple years.  We taught her a couple times this week, she brought her three kids to church, and her and her daughter Mcxxxxx who is also on date came to a convert baptism on Saturday.  Usually when we teach them, Hxxxxxx and Mcxxxxx are the only ones who we actually teach, the boys just stay upstairs and goof around.  Last night though by some miracle, we were able to teach all of them together!  We taught about prophets and the word of wisdom, and we had a game type of thing prepared to go along with teaching the word of wisdom, and they seemed to have fun and enjoy learning.  We knew that Hxxxxxx might have some issues with living the Word of Wisdom, and yes she wasn't overly excited about it, but she committed to live it no problem.  She is so rock solid!!  In our next lesson we will probably get Jack and Bobby on date for baptism :):)   

Area Book Planner squad

We were also finally able to teach Awxx yesterday after not really being able to contact her all week.  We were a bit worried, but all is well!  We prayed for a miracle that she would answer the door and she did! She is still doing great.  Her and her 16 year old daughter Allie both read the from the Book of Mormon, and are excited to be baptized. We found out that Awxx has two other kids who are old enough to be baptized, and Awxx wants them to be baptized.  They are all coming to a ward activity this Friday, and they will be at church as well.  We plan to start meeting with the whole family all at once and getting the other kids on date as well.   

Sadly we weren't able to meet with Doxxxx this week because of her crazy work schedule :( she is still doing great though.  In addition to finally being able to contact Awxx, we were able to finally contact her friend Atxxx as well.  She is a lost sheep who was baptized a couple years ago in southern Alberta, and wants to come back to church.  She also has a couple kids who are old enough to be baptized and she really wants that to happen.  We are meeting with her again tonight and we have high hopes :)   So all in all, there is a pretty high probability that 11 people will be getting baptized into the Ellerslie Ward within the next few months!  We are being so blessed right now I don't even know how to act :)   


A couple other cool things happened this week.  On Friday Elder Mejia, Elder Hunsaker, Elder Klunker, Sister Hollon and I (two of them are past beloved companions) got together at the mission office and had a pretty long phone call with the creator of the area book planner app (the record keeping and daily planning app that the church created for us to use) to basically tell him and someone else on his support team about all the trillions of problems we are having with it throughout the mission. We just shifted over to it last fall and it has been a pretty painful transition.   

Saturday Elder Payne, Elder Hunsaker and I went to a funeral for an awesome guy we knew pretty well in Slave Lake.  He will be missed for sure. It was fun to see a lot of my beloved Slave Lake peeps though!  Last night we went out with Brother Nelson from the missionary department.  He took us to a super fancy restaurant and talked with us about the mission and a bunch of other stuff, and then came to Hexxxxx lesson with us.  It was a great experience and I feel like I learned a ton from him, and I probably will learn a lot more from him (and Lee Donaldson, the mission president in The District 2, who is here as well) on Thursday in MLC.  Exciting stuff!   

Well my basketball time is being shortened to the point that I might start crying so that's it for this week folks.  I am loving life so much right now.  The gospel is real!  

E. Bonny

 Weekly Scripture: 2 Nephi 2:15: And my father dwelt in a tent :)   

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