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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 7, 11/10/15

Let me just start off by saying this week was super successful! We found 5 new investigators, one of them dropped us already but hey it still counts, one of them we committed to baptism:). We are teaching two more people tonight and we have faith that they will become investigators as well.

Even though this week was really successful missionary work wise, it was still kind of rough for me. I was sick on Wednesday and Thursday, and whenever I get sick it takes me forever to get all the way better, so I've been coughing and stuff a ton and probably will be for the next few weeks. I just kind of felt out of it all week I don't really know why haha. This week will be better though, hopefully we will be baptizing two of our investigators who are 9 and 11 years old this weekend.

Some family has requested more details on how the missionary work is going so I'll give a run down on our investigators for those who are interested.

There's XXX who is an older man who we taught the first lesson to yesterday and we invited him to pray at the end and I'm pretty sure he got an answer right then and there. He's been taught by missionaries before but didn't want to commit to it if he wasn't 100% sure, but he didn't seem to know anything we taught him so maybe the other missionaries just didn't do a good job haha... next time we are hopefully gonna teach his wife too, he's a really nice guy.

There's XXXX who has also been taught before, and was committed to baptism some years ago when her dad died, then she lost contact for a few years. We helped her move a huge TV stand into her house the other day and we asked if we could come teach her, we did and it went great and she committed to baptism.  She actually basically asked to be baptized!  But then we couldn't get a hold of her when we tried to arrange a ride for her for church, and our appointment fell through.  Later we found out that another one of their family members passed away recently, so we're gonna stop by soon and hopefully set up another appointment to teach her and her 4 kids

                           This is how we get pumped to go teach a lesson. Watch the excitement biuld  :)

There's XXXX and XXXX who we are hopefully getting baptized this Saturday, they are 9 and 11 years old.  Their mom is really nice, but they have it pretty rough. She has two other kids, is pregnant with another, her car is broken, they live 40 minutes away, she has to walk all of them to school and day care everyday and then work and take this course, and then walk them all back. I don't think her husband helps out much and he doesn't like the missionaries.

There's crazy XXXX who thinks we live in a dome and that the earth is flat and that aliens control everything, and that they are trying to break through the dome…no joke.

There's XXXX who we found and he just let us in, he speaks Spanish, we taught him the first lesson and it seemed to go pretty well, were gonna have the Spanish elders Skype him. He is promising and we are going to teach his wife too.

There's XXXX who we had previously set a baptism date for and we finally contacted him again last night.  He has just been way busy with work and would love for us to come over again.  Hopefully we can work towards a new baptism date with him, but like many, there are Word of Wisdom challenges.  He is a super nice guy!

So there's XXXX, he's older, and has a pretty bad disease on his neck and face called Wegener's Disease.  Unfortunately it causes him lots of pain and it sounds really rough. I think he believes the church is true, he just needs to come to church, but he won't cuz he feels self conscious.

There's XXXX who is really nice and comes to church every week but won't pray for answers and thinks there are other ways to salvation.  We need to think of a new way to get through to him. 

There's XXXX who speaks Tagalog, so we just set up appointments with her and she Skypes the tagalog speaking elders.   That seems pointless though cuz she just speaks English to them.  We both wish we could just teach her but it's their stewardship.

Me getting wrecked at a game of Risk after daily planning
We have other investigators also who we are trying to progress with but many are very busy and several can't progress until they get married.  If you made it through all that - congratulations!   We're super blessed to have the investigators that we do and to be having the success we are!

Hope you're all doing great, Jesus loves you:)  Elder Weston Bonny

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