Serving in the Canada Edmonton Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 3, 10/13/15

Ready to go to work
1st week in the mission field completed!  Some interesting things about Canada: all the speed limits are super slow, everything is measured in the metric system, dinner is always called supper, bathrooms are called washrooms, any dessert that is in the form of a square like a brownie or lemon bar, or anything like that is just call "a square", they have their Thanksgiving day on October 12th, so that was yesterday (I'll talk more about that later), pretty much everybody here owns at least one dog and a big diesel truck, and people really do say "EH" all the time - haha.

Well here's how my week has gone: On Tuesday morning, pretty much Monday night, we had to wake up at 1 am to get ready and get to the travel office and get to the airport in time for our flight.  So my whole travel day I was running on less than an hour of sleep!  It felt like the longest day of my life and I was so tired the whole time.  When we arrived in Canada we met our mission president and his wife, they are super awesome by the way.  We spent the night at their house, and I'm not gonna lie that night was pretty rough with stress and homesickness and whatnot.

The next day we met our trainers, and you would never believe it, my companion's name is Elder Ridge Payne and he's from Spanish Fork Utah hahaha!  It's such a small world.  So I was pretty stoked about that - it turns out we know a bunch of the same people and we have a ton of things in common.  He's only been out here three months, but he knows what he's doing and he's a great missionary.  

Lesser Slave Lake

A little about the area I'm in and what I've been up the past few days: I'm in a place called Slave Lake, its about 2.5 hours north of Edmonton, and sits at the east end of a huge lake called Lesser Slave Lake.  There aren't many decent sized towns north of it!  Apparently it kind of has a reputation in the mission for being not so successful for missionaries.  I've kind of seen why the past few days knocking so many doors and not getting invited into one house. It's a little discouraging but we are staying positive.  We did find like 8 people who said to come back at another time, so we have hope for them.  So basically all I've been doing is knocking doors and meeting the branch members.  We did help a lady move the other day too.  I mentioned earlier that it was Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday, but people here just have their feast whenever they want, so the past 3 
nights we have been fed a Thanksgiving feast, and I'm definitely not complaining haha.  Well that's how my week has gone!  I'm excited to find more investigators and get teaching this week!  I love you all, be safe and happy <3

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