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Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 4, 10/20/15

Week 2 in good ole Slave Lake has been pretty great! I have gotten to know the area and the branch members a lot better and this place is starting to feel like home.  Every day is exhausting and full of challenges but I have gotten pretty used to getting thrown out of my comfort zone now haha.

A few highlights from the week: Saturday Elder Payne and I had an appointment with an investigator and we planned a great lesson for him and it was gonna rock his socks off (spiritually yah know), and then he called and cancelled.  After another week with very little success, we were feeling pretty frustrated and discouraged and all our plans for the day were wrecked.  We prayed for guidance and we both felt that we should go tracting at this trailer park, so we did and the first door that answered was a super nice guy who let us in!  His name is XXXX, he's in his mid 20s, and he is simply an honest seeker of truth.  We taught him the first lesson and he understood it great, we committed him to baptism on Nov. 14th!  The best part was HE asked US to come back and teach him more.  That was the first time I have ever been invited into a house while tracting:) 

Just leaving on a FREEZING COLD jog

Another cool experience: Sunday during gospel principles class we got called out in the hallway and got introduced to a guy and his wife who apparently just moved here from India and were just walking around looking for a church to go to and saw ours and came in and wanted to learn about it.... so pretty much what every missionary dreams of haha.  We taught them the first lesson and they seemed very interested and understood everything, unfortunately they were just stopping in town and were moving to a town called High prairie that afternoon, so hopefully the missionaries there can contact them!

Rough moment of the week: Sunday night we were driving to this man's house who said earlier to come back later sometime in the evening.  We pull up to his house and his garage was open AND HE WAS IN THERE WATCHING THE PATRIOTS COLTS GAME ON HIS FLATSCREEN TV.  I basically freaked out and Elder Payne is a big pats fan too so this was a pretty rough situation.  We ended up doing the right thing and decided we would come back later and left:,( so that gave me anxiety for the rest of the night.  I miss watching my pats k guys. 

Well in case any of you sent me a letter or any sort of mail, I haven't been able to get any mail for two weeks because we get it whenever we go to zone training.  So if you want me to get your mail faster, send it via US postal service and send it to the address in the attached photo with my name instead of president park.

 I love you all!  Byeeee -Elder Bonny

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