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Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 5, 10/27/15

How do you like our P-day handywork?

Well this week was a little less productive than last week, so I don't  really have as much to write about...  

A few random things:  I ate pigs ear the other day, it was weird, I've eaten more pie in the  last 4 weeks than I have my whole life, random teenie-bopper songs  that I always hated keep getting stuck in my head for some reason. Why can't that happen with songs that I actually like? 

Photos from MASSIVE fire back in 2011
They had a huge wild fire here in 2011 that burnt down almost a third of the town.   Most people didn't even have time to pack anything they just had to leave with their wallets and the clothes on their backs.  There all whole sections of town that have these really nice brand new houses so its pretty easy to tell if a house was burnt down or not.

 We had a few teaching appointments with investigators this week but  most of them fell through or they weren't home.  Our truck was in the  shop all week because we had to take it in to get a dent fixed that  another missionary caused like 4 months ago.... gee, I'm sure glad they waited until got here to fix it!   

So this week we had to walk everywhere or get a ride from the senior missionary couple in our  area.  We mostly ended up walking, which actually hasn't been all that  bad, its just a bit chilly.  Wednesday we had exchanges and I spent  the day with our district leader, Elder Powell.  I got to learn some  good things from him.   

The Tagolog speaking Elders paid us a visit
Saturday the Tagalog (the language Filipinos  speak) speaking elders came up from Edmonton, and we had a fun little  branch party/game night.  One of the Filipino ladies in the ward  (there's lots of Filipino people up here for some reason) invited like  20 of her Filipino friends and it was pretty cool.  We gave a little  devotional at the end and showed the "Because of Him" video and the  spirit was definitely there.  Then the time came for the missionaries  to head home and the other people set up a game of musical chairs, and  they had this huge speaker thing with a disco light set on top of it,  and when we ended up leaving they were playing musical chairs with  super loud Jay Z music, disco lights flashing everywhere, IN THE  CHAPEL (technically its the multipurpose room).  We just facepalmed  and left haha.  Gotta love  these Canadians/Filipinos.   

We finally got our blessed truck back  -  yeah!
The next day in sacrament meeting Elder Payne and I both gave 15 minute talks on the importance of members and  missionaries working together to bring people to Christ, and how to  most effectively do that.  I felt like we did pretty good (well he  did, anyone who went to my farewell knows I'm not the best public  speaker, slowly getting better though).  Everyone seemed to be pretty  impressed and inspired!  The only other highlight of the week was last  night, we taught a lesson about Christ's earthly ministry and His  atonement to a recent convert, and at the end of the lesson I bore my  testimony about the Savior and during that I really just felt the  spirit so strongly.  I know Jesus Christ lives, and He is our Lord and  Redeemer.  I'm really so grateful to be a part of His church  re-established on the earth today, and I'm so grateful for His  atonement and that sacrifice so that we can change ourselves and  become perfect one day. Love you all, party on:)  -Elder Bonny   

Its getting cold here...I'm soaking in the warm sun while I can.

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