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Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 6, 11/3/15

Wow, so much has happened this week it felt so long!! It has been a really awesome week though.  And yes I do have a story to tell about Sasquatch but I'll save that for the end because I know half of you probably never even read my emails all the way through haha;)
This is what our mission album cover would look like...if we had one.                                   Lesser Slave Lake
Well, the beginning of the week we were still without our truck and walked literally all day Wednesday and didn't really even run into any people, it was a pretty lame day. Thursday and Friday were both pretty unproductive missionary work wise because we were cleaning our gross apartment that was filled with years of other missionaries gunk literally all day Thursday and packing up all our stuff, and then Friday (the day we finally got our truck back) we spent the whole day moving out of it.  We had a district meeting that morning though, and our district helped us move, so that made it a lot easier. Our new apartment is SOO nice compared to our other one... It might even be the nicest one in the whole mission haha lucky me:).The best part is that I got a new mattress and I actually look forward to sleeping now.... my old one was probably the worst mattress in all of Canada. I named it whinona because whenever I laid on it, it would moan and creak so much and it was like it was whining about me being on it hahaha... yeah I'm weird.

Saturday, Halloween, was a pretty interesting day hahaha.  We helped set up this haunted house at the city library in the morning for an hour or so and then had a skype training meeting with some other new missionaries and their trainers.  A little bit later in the day the library still needed more help in setting up, and they said they also needed more people to be popping out at kids and scaring them, and asked us.... So we put on masks and capes and scared people for an hour hahaha.  I never thought that's something I would do on my mission, but hey, service is service right?  Not gonna lie I scared some kids, and their parents, pretty bad.  After that we had supper (that's what everyone calls it here) at a member's home we had to go back to our apartment and be in the for the night.  So my Halloween wasn't half bad.

Sunday and Monday we finally got to do some actual missionary work again.  On Sunday, I fasted and prayed that we could find a new investigator.  We ended up tracting into a Hispanic man named XXXX and taught him the first lesson and a little bit about the Book of Mormon, and he seemed to understand pretty well, and said we could come back next week!  It felt good to finally get to teach someone new again!

Yesterday we had several opportunities to teach people and set up appointments to teach by doing service.  It was interesting, on Sunday we knocked on a guy's door and he said he doesn't appreciate door knockers at all and was kind of rude in rejecting us.  Yesterday this lady called us and asked if we could move this monster tv stand that had 3 different parts to it from another guy's house to hers.  We go to the address she gives us to load it up, and it's the same rude guy's house from the day before haha.  He instantly apologized when we walked in and told us about how it was a really rough day for him and that his mother had passed away, and invited us to come back later to "have a chat".  We also ended up getting an appointment with the lady who we moved the tv stand for, to come back and teach her AND her kids:)

It's important that we never judge people by just one little encounter, everyone has their own challenges in life and is going through something, so don't assume people are rude or bad when you don't know anything about them!  I learned the importance of that yesterday.

I told you our apartment was nice!  jk
OK, Sasquatch story -  the Parks (the senior missionary couple in our area) live two floors directly below us. One morning this week Elder Park noticed a dark shape moving towards the apartment through the woods. At first he thought it was a bear, but as it moved a little closer he said it looked like it was upright but it was moving too fast to be a human or a bear.  Then it disappeared as it descended down to the stream and went out of sight. For reals!  Was it Sasquatch?????!!!!! Who knows, it wouldn't be the first time it has been spotted in this neck of the woods.

Well I look forward to a great, productive week this week, and I hope all of you have a great week as well:)   Elder Bonny

this employee has been sampling too much inventory

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