Serving in the Canada Edmonton Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 60, 11/21/16

Well, you guessed it.  More transfer chaos!  And it's not even transfers yet! I'll explain:  Wednesday we got a call from the assistants telling us that we were going to be transferring back to the city on Monday.  There is a huge back story, but in short it sufficeth me to say that the Riverbend zone (the zone I have been in my whole mission until going to Leduc) didn't really have any zone leaders, so they needed us there, and they figured now is the best time to make the change since we didn't really have any people we were teaching in our area.  

MILLWOOD Zone...gonna miss em!
So yesterday we moved into the River Valley area, and why did I put "the return" as my subject you might ask? Because River Valley is RIGHT next to my old area where I was for 7 months, and when we had to deal with transfer chaos on three separate occasions, we ended up having to cover River Valley ward, and move temporarily into their apartment.  Collectively I have probably covered River Valley for about 2 weeks before officially getting transferrred here.  So it is basically the return lol.  Same area of Edmonton, same zone, same district, same church building... fun stuff:)  

Here we go...moving back to Edmonton

The Elk Ridge Boys - E. Lofthouse
Most of the week was pretty much just getting ready for this craziness.  Saturday I went on exchanges with Elder Lofthouse (hes from Elk Ridge!!!) and Elder Lara.  It was super fun to finally get to exchange with Elder Lofthouse.  They are both super awesome dudes so we had a good time.  We had a super interesting lunch experience.... The part of the city we were in is pretty much the East India of Edmonton.  SO MANY Hindus and punjabis and muslims.  What could be compared to our church building is their "Gurdwara", except they serve food in lower floor at theirs.  We didn't have tons of money and we wanted a memorable experience so we went in and got some food. It was so different... We had to take off our shoes and socks, put a bandana on our head, and stay on the right side of the room, and then sit down on the floor cross legged to eat our food.  I don't really even know what the food was haha, some sort of Indian food.  It wasn't bad! Everyone was looking at us so weird, but they were super nice to us. 

That is one of my favourite things about Edmonton, the cultural diversity.  It makes for some memorable experiences!  Other than that the day was pretty miserable, just walking around literally all day in the -10 degree weather.   

Yesterday night we had a pretty unbelievable introduction to River Valley, we went to supper with a guy named Rich (figures), and he took us to the super nice gourmet burger restaurant in his spaceship-esque volvo, and probably spent more money on us than anyone has ever spent on me at a restaurant before.  We feasted on an amazingly delicious 4 course meal, and got to hear a lot of words of wisdom and council from this ridiculously wealthy man.  He is a sports agent for some of the best hockey players in the NHL.  Marian Hossa is probably the biggest name, he plays for the blackhawks and he's scored 510 goals in his career... He has also met a bunch of presidents and hall of fame athletes and coaches, movie-stars, etc.  He also helped break one of his clients out of communist Russia forever ago.  Elder Klunker and I were just in awe the whole time haha, it was so cool!   

Riverbend Zone.  Temple 2 weeks in a row!

Awesome member - He isn't too happy we're leaving
Well in a few hours I will be doing a food challenge that could quite possibly be the death of me.... 3 ice cream bars, a 40ish oz steak with vegetables and mashed potatoes as sides, 1/4 of a pie smothered in whipped cream, and a sugar cookie ice cream sandwich to finish it all off.  Its the legendary "steak challenge".  If I eat it all and hold it down for an hour I basically get my legit man card.  WIsh me luck lol.  Ill let you know more about the area next week when I actually know stuff about it.  We are excited to get things going!!  

Love you all have a happy thanksgiving:)  

 Weekly scripture: Jacob 5:41 41 And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard wept, and said unto the servant: What could I have done more for my vineyard?   

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