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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 55, 10/18/16

Hey fam!  This week I'll just give some updates on some people, because my weekly emails are always way too long.   

AM is still progressing slowly but surely.  We met with her on Wednesday and Saturday and had a few great lessons with her.  It seems like she is progressing so slowly but if you look back to where she started, she has come so far.  Before she didn't even want to talk about the Book of Mormon because she hated it so much, now her "million dollar question" is whether or not it's true and she actually reads it.  She knows Joseph Smith couldn't have written it, she just needs to find out if it is from God or from the devil.  I think she won't have too much trouble realizing it is from God.  
Homemade Orange Chicken - Yum!!
 We were finally able to meet with Tr again, our golden investigator!  She is still doing just dandy :) We had a great lesson with her on the importance of baptism by the proper priesthood authority.  She now clearly understands that if this church is true, and if the Book of Mormon is true, that also means we have the correct Priesthood authority from God to perform ordinances.  She committed to be baptized when she receives an answer to her prayers, which I think will happen once she is finally able to come to church, which will be in November.  She is such a sincere seeker of truth, I would be super shocked if I didn't hear about her being baptized at some point.  
My buddy E. Whipple is heading home

Something pretty interesting happened at supper on Wednesday, we went to an elderly lady's home for supper who is good friends with Ger, our Greenfield eternigator.  She invited Ger to come for supper as usual, and just to give a little context to the story, Ger and I are great friends and we see him all the time around town, and literally the whole time I have been here I have been trying to find a way to meet with him for an actual lesson.  Anyways, right after we started eating this is how the dialogue went:  Sister B: "So Elder Bonny do you know if you are getting transferred soon?  You've been here quite a while."  Me: "Yeah it will probably be two weeks from today, October 26th."  Sister B: "Gerry you really should get baptized before Elder Bonny leaves."  Gerry: ".... Yeah.  Don't want to go too much time longer in a world like this without baptism.  I would be honored to have you baptize me Elder Bonny."  Me: "Great!  Sounds like a plan!"  We talked about it a little more and basically our supper message was committing him to baptism and testifying of the importance of it.  We tried to set up an appointment the next day and it seemed pretty solid, but long story short it never happened, and didn't happen the next day, or the next day, etc.  So yeah we definitely got our hopes up on that one haha!  He is definitely going to get baptized sometime, but not this Saturday. 

Well, thats all that is worth talking about this week. We have been knocking on tons of doors lately and we have found a few promising potentials.  We may not be having miraculous experiences and seeing tons of people's lives change everyday but there is always at least some sort of small success we see that really helps us to keep working our hardest with faith the Lord will guide us and teach us whatever we need to learn along the way:)  I love you all!  Remember to always love one another:)   

Weekly Scripture: D & C 103:36: "All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith."   

another storm got this big bus!

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