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Friday, November 4, 2016

Week 57, 11/2/16

Hey fam!!!!  Well just getting right to it, as you may remember from last week I got transferred to Leduc (about 30 minutes south of Edmonton) and I love it here!!! The ward is so in love with the missionaries - its the greatest feeling ever!  The work here is bumping too. 

Donne's baptism feat. E. Klunker and E. Pollard
 On Sunday we had a baptism for a guy named Donné, who has been investigating for 2 years, and this Saturday we will have another baptism for a nine year old named Juliana who we have taught a couple times this week.   

My new comp, Elder Klunker, is super dope! I said it last week but I'll say it again, we were in the same MTC district we are both super excited to be companions.  He's a stud missionary and we have been killing it!  We have been working super hard and having lots of fun and I am loving life. I haven't really been able to experience a lot of the zone leaderish type stuff quite yet, but we have a super busy schedule this transfer with a bunch of exchanges, mission leadership counsel meetings (MLC), and stake missionary correlation meetings (SMC).  We actually have one of those tonight it should be good!    

Gourmet salomon anyone?
 Some highlights from the week:  My first day here we contacted some guy named Dallas who said he was busy and to come back on Friday, so we did and he was actually home and expecting us!  That basically never happens haha.  We taught a dynamite first lesson and committed him to baptism on Dec. 10! He seems super humble, and even though he hasn't even read the Book of Mormon yet, he is excited to read it and find out if it is true.  Throughout the week we were working on this member missionary work presentation we were asked to give for a 5th Sunday lesson to the whole ward.  We were already feeling a decent amount of pressure, because we really wanted to bring the spirit strongly and motivate the members to pray for missionary opportunities, actively look for those opportunities, open their mouths and speak to people, and when the spirit prompts, invite people to do something.  

Pray, look, speak, invite.  Its kind of a mission-wide initiative we are doing with the members.  Anyways, to add to the pressure, President Pattison calls us and asks us how its coming along on Saturday night, and tells us he wants us to send him our final draft in the morning (it was a PowerPoint) and that he was thinking of possibly using the presentation mission-wide.  Sooooo yeah we polished it up as nice as we could and it went great!  The members really liked it and seem a lot more motivated. 
My boy Brandon
Sunday evening was Donne's baptismal service, and it was the most spiritually powerful baptism I have ever been to.  So much outpouring of love and happiness going on the whole night!  Monday we took a bit of a road trip out to a town about 45 minutes west called Warburg to do some FINDing.  It was good to get farther away from the city haha😂 We met with an older less active guy and he told us a wonderful story about how we always need to put the seat down after we pee, because when he was young, he forgot to do that and his mother fell in the toilet and got her hips stuck inside it and was stuck there for 14 hours, and ended up in the ER.  So always remember that all you males reading this😳  

 Thats about it this week!  We will be having another baptism on Saturday, SMC and exchanges tonight, and MLC on Thursday so with all that and all the people we are meeting with, its going to be a super busy and great week:)  Life is good here, hopefully life is good there.  Love you all!   - Elder B

Weekly Scripture: D & C 112:28: 28 But purify your hearts before me; and then go ye into all the world, and preach my gospel unto every creature who has not received it  

Adios E. Sites - Greenfield has been great with ya!

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