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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

week 65, 12/27/16

Hey homies:)  I can't really even remember what happened this week other than Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because those days trumped everything else.  I do remember that our car broke down which has complicated the work a little bit.  We are surviving though!   

Ugly Sweater ZTM  :)
 Oh wait I do remember one thing from this week, we had ZTM on Thursday!  It went really well!  Elder Klunker and I gave a training on keeping balance in our FINDing (@CEM😉) efforts.  We both felt like we delivered it pretty well.  Sadly though, the highlight of the training meeting wasn't any sort of training, it was the zone pic.  We had the zone all bring ugly Christmas sweaters to put on for the picture, and it was a hit hahaha.  There were some pretty ridiculous ones.   

It's all flooding back now, Wednesday I was on exchanges with my buddy Elder Sites, my last companion in my old area!  It was a fun day mixed with some teaching, eating, FINDing, and running zone leader errands.   

Attempting to make delicious Xmas cookies - not succeeding
Now on to Christmas Eve: we were pretty much singing for most the day. In the morning we got together with the Greenfield/Rutherford Elders and made some cookies to deliver to the people we were caroling to that night, it was fun.  Sadly the cookies elder Klunker and I made turned out to be more like some sort of sweet bread.  We still aren't sure what we did wrong lol.  After that us and like 13 other missionaries met up at West Edmonton Mall and flash mobbed/caroled in the 4 different food courts and a few other places in the second biggest mall in North America (you can only imagine how busy it was on. Christmas Eve).  I don't really know how we got roped into that cuz neither of us are singers, but it was way fun!! Something I'll remember for a long time for sure:) people seemed somewhat weirded out at first but then smiled and clapped for us every time.  
West Ed Mall Flash Mob crew
After that we caroled to some people in our area with some missionaries in our district, and we continued that after what surely must have been the greatest Christmas Eve feast of all time.  We are so spoiled by the members here it's ridiculous😍.  Christmas Day the tender mercies continued: our mission president let us all sleep in till 7:30 as a Christmas gift!!!! What?!! It was so nice😍😍😍. We are pretty sure it was all his wife convincing him haha.  Church in the morning was awesome.  I really wish we could have church on Christmas every year. 

After church we Skyped our families at our Bishops house and hung out with hem for a bit.  I've been out 15 months now but talking to my fam never gets old, love you guys:) after skyping we went and walked around outside for an hour or so trying to catch people outside in a good mood but there was literally like 3 people we saw that whole hour. After that we had lunch with an awesome family and played some games with them, and then basically did the same thing at another member's house for supper.  Once again, we are so spoiled here (blessed).  After that we finished off the night by caroling more with some dope missionaries.  This time we just went to random houses, it was amazing the contrast in people's reactions to when they open the door to a bunch of Christmas carolers opposed to two missionaries wanting to share the Gospel with them haha.  It was super fun and a great way to end the awesome Christmas Day.  I am honestly going to miss going caroling as a missionary!   

Evidence of how much the members spoiled us!
Monday was definitely a let down after the great weekend.  I was on exchanges with a Chinese Elder who literally was sawing LOGS THE WHOLE NIGHT. I got about 3 hours of sleep, and we didn't have a car or anything to do all day. We just did finding and bus contacting all day in the -25 :)  

I'm seriously so grateful to be a missionary.  I know that this is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and that participating in it brings true joy:)     Elder B

Weekly Scripture: John 3:16 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.    

                                                      Behold our talent! 

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