Serving in the Canada Edmonton Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

week 63, 12/13/16

Hey peeps!  First off, we made Christmas cards again!  Let me know and give me your address if you want one:)  Anyways, this week was amazing (besides the temperature.... it was hovering around -25/-35 windchill all week)!   

Thursday was definitely the best day in a while.  All morning and into the afternoon we had an MLC meeting and counseled the whole time about some possible new policies for the mission and ways we could improve, and I got to see a bunch of mission buddies. There was a powerful spirit there!  

Thursday evening was even better though.... we got a media referral for a guy named Farxx.  Usually media referrals are either golden or bogus.  In my experience they have mostly been bogus.  We went and contacted him and he let us right in and told us how he was looking for a new church to join, and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and committed him to be baptized on January 7th!  He is an awesome guy, super simple minded and he seems to accept everything we teach.  We have since taught him twice and he still seems solid!  Alma 26:27 describes our situation pretty well.  

On Monday night we kind of had a bit of a vent session, just wishing we could see some sort of fruit from our labors.  For a couple weeks we have thought a miracle was just right around the corner, only to find out that is really was.  Although, it will definitely still take some work to actually get Faron dunked.  We were also finally able to meet one of our more solid investigators at church, he and his wife have been dealing with some health issues for a while and haven't been able to really do anything, but now he is doing better and we are going to meet with him this week!  

IHOP with the AP's - good times
Most of this weekend was full of planning and organizing things for the zone this upcoming transfer.  Oh, transfers were on Wednesday and Elder Klunker and I are staying together another transfer:) We also got asked to come up with tons of questions for a game we will be playing at Christmas conference tomorrow.  We still found some time to knock on a whole bunch of doors and find a few promising potentials in the freezing weather though, don't worry:)  One more noteworthy thing: I will never cease to be amazed at how wealthy this area is... this weekend we had supper with a member who is the CFO of a company that has a net worth of 47 billion... that's more than the Church... needless to say it was a good meal with very awesome people.   

That's it for this week.  Its supposed to be a bit warmer this week, the work is picking up, the Savior helps us become what we can't become on our own, life is good:)  Again, let me know if you want a Christmas card! Love you all, till next week!  

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