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Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 48, 8/30/16

Hey again.  Dang.... This week was packed with eventful things and chaos!  It's probably gonna be a long email haha I apologize in advance.  

Well Wednesday afternoon I got "decimated" (that's the word he used) by a less active guy we teach in Yu-Gi-Oh.  That anime stuff is pretty big here... at least with lots of the people we visit.  But yeah, I got wrecked and I had no idea what was going on the whole time and it wasn't a whole lot of fun at all - haha.  Thursday was district meeting as usual.  I've planned district meeting three times now and Its still by far my least favorite thing about being a district leader.  We had a good district meeting though, my training was on developing Christ-like attributes.   

Friday morning we were finally able to meet with Ron and his family! They are an investigator family who were super close with the last missionaries and were showing a lot of promise, but then transfers came and they all got sick and we weren't able to meet with them for a while.  Friday morning though we went over and met Ron and his two kids Joshua and Jordan.  His wife Lisa was working.  They are super awesome though:). Ron got into some anti-mormon material a while ago and now because of the things he read he has a few deep concerns about things that I honestly have no idea how to respond to.  He says he wishes he could just "un-know" what he knows and accept everything and be happy but he needs his concerns answered.  We are trying to set up a lesson in a members home who used to be a general authority so he can answer his concerns and explain things.  Prayers for him and his family would be good;)  

The District in mourning for E. Hlavaty.  May he rest in peace  :(

Friday afternoon during weekly planning we got a random super sad, depressing text from an older, very short, French lady who we recently picked up as our investigator.  She recently lost her husband who she loved very much and is having a rough time dealing with it. We texted back a few times and tried to encourage her and I called her and talked on the phone with her for like 10 minutes, and she was to the point where she was telling me specifically how she was maybe going to commit suicide that night.  I told her we would be over there to talk as soon as possible, so we called our ward mission leader and luckily he wasn't doing anything so we went over there and tried to help her feel of Gods love and explain why bad things happen for 2 hours in her 85 degree, musty apartment. We weren't really getting anywhere with her for a while, and she continued to tell us a couple different ways she could end her life and the pros and cons of doing that.... Gosh we did not know what to do.  She felt so alone and forgotten.  I reminded her how the Savior of all people (she has a heavy duty Christian background) even felt alone at one point on the cross when He was being crucified, when He cried out: "My God why hast thou forsaken me" and that kind of helped a little bit, and then our WML Bro Drew pulled out Matthew 11:28-30 and the spirit was SO STRONG. We all felt it, and just sat there for like 3 minutes without saying anything, and she was smiling for the first time.  She agreed to come to church with us on Sunday :).  

Moving back to River Valley with E. Shipley in a trio.  De-ju-va!
Saturday was a roller coaster.  The morning was just kind of a grumpy one for me for some reason haha.  We helped out at a BBQ a member was putting on for her whole apartment complex around 1.  We helped set up and then she had us be the grill masters so we grilled hot dogs for everyone, it was fun!  There weren't all that many people who came but it was still a good chance to meet some new people and help them be more comfortable around missionaries:) Plus we got to eat some super good hot dogs.  In the afternoon we met with Andy again and he brought 5 friends with him this time.  Luckily we brought our other WML (we have two since we cover two wards) and he was just on fire the whole time with awesome answers mixed with powerful testimony and everything he was saying was just dynamite.  He kind of dominated most of the lesson/bible study but I honestly was loving it.  At the end he explained our role as missionaries and basically told them we weren't going to be meeting with them anymore but maybe they could have bible study every so often with members.  They just aren't quite ready to accept the gospel right now, hopefully we planted seeds.   

Sunday was the usual 9 hours of church, and I gave a talk in Rutherford sacrament meeting on repentance.  I was kind of nervous before I gave it because there were SO many people there.  It was a missionary farewell for one of the most popular Mormon girls in Edmonton, so it was basically like stake conference haha, and the whole stake presidency was there.  But I got up and the nerves were instantly calmed and I feel like I did ok!  Oh, and Anne Marie came to church and liked it:). She just has issues with how much we talk about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith... hopefully she can get over that.  

Adios for now E. Hlavaty.  One of my fav people I've met on the
mish.  His leg is bent cuz torn meniscus, can't staighten it :(
Monday morning.... Chaos struck again.  Elder Hlavaty tore his meniscus while adjusting a fan at the foot of his bed in the middle of the night/ Monday morning, so he had to go home this morning to get surgery on it :( !!  It's a super big bummer in every way obviously.  And now, we are in a tripan with his companion, Elder Shipley, the other zone leader.  We  now get to cover three wards probably for 2 and a half weeks till the end of the transfer.... Haha this should be interesting.  Anywho, if you could all keep Elder Hlavaty in your prayers too that would be great.  

Well that about sums up this week.  The Lord is definitely making sure things stay interesting for us and keeping us on our toes!  This week is going to be a fun challenge:) Love you all!   

Elder B

Weekly scripture:  of course Matthew 11:28-30: 28 ¶Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.  30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.  

Another Lamborghini - another tender mercy

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