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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 47, 8/23/16

Hey fam:)   

This week was another super busy one as usual!  This was probably one of the fastest weeks of my mission, I seriously feel like last p-day was 2 days ago.  We taught a lot this week but honestly not too many noteworthy things happened, we also had tons of appointments fall through. Anywho, on to the highlights:   

Thursday we taught a whole bunch.  After district meeting we had an appointment with these less active twins right around my age named Robbie and Mando.  We have already been over there once, but we kind of just hung out with them for a bit and talked a bunch like we were homies and watched them play video games and then had a lesson.  We were going to teach about the importance and blessings of reading scriptures, particularly the Book of Mormon, and we started talking about him and asked a few questions and Mando was like, "yeah I've never actually read the whole Book of Mormon.... I think I'm gonna try."  I love when the Spirit does all the work like that haha.   

Look at how hard I'm work, sweating like a dog!

We taught Mxxxxx a couple times this week all about the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ and answered a lot of his questions, but teaching him is so frustrating because the language barrier is brutal.  Yesterday we seriously spent 5 minutes trying to invite him to be baptized in a way that he could actually understand what we were trying to ask him, and then he declined.  He just has problems believing that Jesus is the Son of God, and lots of things related to that.  He keeps coming to church and is happy to meet with us and always has good, sincere questions so we will keep meeting with him!  Next time we will hopefully have someone there to translate for him:)   

We met with Axxx again and only one of his friends (who was totally stoned) this time.  We were able to meet at the church this time though which was great, and we brought our Elder's Quorum President with us.  SOOOO glad we did that because Andy had some questions related to timelines of ancient Israelite temple worship and original sin and stuff dealing with the last days and the gathering of Israel and other stuff about the 12 tribes that stumped me this time, thank goodness for Brother Turner's Bible knowledge though, he was definitely the savior of our bacon.  Once again we stressed the importance of the Book of Mormon, and I straight up asked them, "What motivates you to meet with us?  Do you actually want to know if what we teach is God's truth?" And Andy said yes but he just needs to make sure that what we say matches the Word... So I guess we will keep meeting.  But after that lesson we were both really frustrated and down, and then the rest of the day was full of a lot of hardcore rejection, so Saturday was a bit tough haha. Oh Andy also talked about Pokemon go for a bit and told us how it basically stems from evil roots, interesting.   
Slacklining with E. Hlavaty.  I tried.

Sunday we were in church meetings for 9.5 consecutive hours and it was great and I learned tons and felt the spirit lots but we were so exhausted and HUNGRY after because we had no time to eat lunch!  Still no word from Zekes family :( Well that's it from this week.  

 I have been pondering a lot lately and wondering about a few different things about my relationship with God and Jesus Christ and I have prayed a lot and asked questions, and I have definitely felt those prayers and questions being answered.  It's slow and kind of a process, but I know that Heavenly Father will always answer our prayers.  Sometimes all we need for an answer is to feel His love.  He knows us better than we know ourselves and will bless us with the comfort and peace we need to get us through whatever challenges we have in our lives! I know this is totally true because my life is evidence of it:)   

Love Elder B

Weekly Scripture: James 1:12 12 Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.  No pictures this week, sorry fam  Love you all tons:) have a dope week eh   Elder Weston Bonny🇨🇦

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