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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 46, 8/16/16

Zone Conference

Greetings my fellow kindred.  Jk - I'm not doing King James lingo again like I did a few months ago - haha, maybe next week.   

This week was another super busy one, as every week for the next 3 months probably will be, and I'm definitely not complaining.  We had an awesome zone conference on Wednesday!  Our mission is starting to track every approach we make to talk to someone, and also every meaningful invitation, so we can really focus on finding.  I'm not usually a fan of the numbers part of the mission and making every person a statistic but it definitely does help and motivate us to not miss a chance to talk to someone and invite them to learn about the gospel.  Anyways, President Pattison kind of introduced that at zone conference, and we learned a bunch of other great things too.  The main thing I feel like I was taught from the Holy Ghost was that I need to have a greater love, and be better at showing that love, for the people we talk to and teach.  

Just being ourselves  :)

 On Saturday we had another lesson with Andy and his Bible bash crew, he brought three friends this time.  They weren't as bashy this time though, and they all actually read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and the testimonies like we committed them to do.  It's just the sincerity and faith they are lacking.  They brought up a lot more concerns they have about what we believe, again a lot about the trinity... They are all obsessed with the trinity (ugh) I have really grown to hate that false doctrine more that any other😂 we kind of just ended up agreeing to disagree on that one, but again the lesson ended on a spiritual high, praising each other for being good Christians and whatnot. They committed to read more, and we really focused on sincere prayer.   

Monday we had a couple other good lessons, one with a guy named Matthew in Greenfield who doesn't have a super strong desire to know the truth or have a relationship with God, but it was still a dece lesson.  Also we were able to meet another Rutherford investigator named Breno from Brazil.  We taught him the restoration and answered some of his questions about various things.  He is kind of in the same boat as Matthew; not religious or super spiritual, but very interested to learn more.  At the end we were able to get him to pray and testified that God is real and loves us and will let us know He is there if we will just pray and ask with real intent.  Hopefully it goes somewhere with those homies.   

In a few months this will make a great hockey rink
Other than that not a whole lot of interesting news from this week.  A bunch of appointments fell through this week so we actually had some time to do a good amount of finding, which was nice because I have been wanting to get Elder Sites broken in and up to speed on every phase of missionary work.  He is doing awesome!  He's pretty shy and doesn't know exactly what to say lots of times but he's willing to try and talk to people anyways, which is all that matters really.  We have also been trying to meet with all the members to share a message inviting them to pray, look, speak, and invite when prompted by the Holy Ghost, and then we practice the speak part with them, and try to help them realize for themselves that it's not that hard to be friendly and just talk to people they don't know.  Haha lots of members aren't too happy when we ask if they want to do a role play, but we try to make it fun.   

We haven't been able to meet with Zeke in a while, his baptism is totally up in the air.  They have been staying and working at their family farm.  Sister Pilling is basically trying to run a farm and keep all the animals alive by herself.  We don't really know when they will be back.   

Well that's it for this week.  We have a lot of appointments scheduled for this next week so hopefully I have a lot of good news to report next week!  It's amazing how much the Lord blesses us every day.  I really love doing His work:) 

Love you all a bunch, Have an awesome week!   

Weekly scripture: D&C 104:82 82 And inasmuch as ye are humble and faithful and call upon my name, behold, I will give you the victory.

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