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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 22, 2/23/16

Hello cuties. Another great week of work up here in Slave Lake for me! Wasn't quite as eventful as last week but still a good, solid week. This week we spent about 2 hours per day helping people move things. Whether it was helping a members friend move, helping investigators move rhinoceros sized TVs, or helping a random lady in our apartment complex move some big things, we are getting pretty good at moving large things around haha. It's kind of a little joke I've had with both my companions.... Sometimes it seems like everybody in the town knows the missionaries will help move things for free, so we call ourselves the free movers. Haha we are totally happy to help people out and give service, it's just kind of funny. 

Slave Lake Chapel - Rebuilt after the fire of 2011

Now on to the actual highlights of the week. We had a lesson with Bxxxx and Bxx and their family (I'm just gonna start calling them "the fam") last Tuesday night, and it went pretty great! We taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and most of their family was there. We were able to commit the four older daughters to baptism on the March 19th, and answer some great questions they had. We had another lesson with them on Thursday night, and we had already taught most of them the first 3 preach my gospel lessons so now it was on to the commandments. We taught two of the bigger commandments right off the bat, because those two will probably be the biggest issue for them. We taught word of wisdom and law of chastity.... It went basically as well as it could have but still not the most fun lesson ever haha. 

At the beginning the lesson we committed two more of the kids. They hadn't been there the last few lessons, so we took care of that and then got right down to business. Most of the family accepted the word of wisdom pretty well, they weren't super enthusiastic or overjoyed to hear about it, but they have seen the changes Bxxxx has made in his life and I think they knew it was coming haha. Then we got around to the law of chastity though.... Haha it went ok. Part way through that Shxx said, " so we basically have to be nuns?" I guess we will find out who is really committed now. 

The good news is that Bxx seems to be making progress. She has been Catholic her whole life and is struggling to accept all this different stuff. She still has a long way to go but she has come so far! Her and Blake and a few of the kids came to church on Sunday, the only kids who weren't there were either sick or out of town. 
Dun dun duuun!....Donair

Wednesday we had exchanges and I stayed in Slave Lake with our new district leader who is serving in Athabasca. He served in Slave Lake about a year ago and I have heard some pretty interesting stories about him, so I thought I was going to have a super entertaining exchange with him but he is actually pretty normal, so not really any funny stories to report on that. 

There's not really anything else to report from this week, just lots of helping people move stuff, tracting, etc. We had an awesome lesson with our buddy Lxx on Saturday and we feel like he is so close to baptism! We have 11 investigators that at one point have discussed baptism on March 19, so that potentially could a big day!

In other news I guess a highlight from this week is the donair I'm about to eat :):):) I'm currently finishing up this email while I'm waiting, and I kind of feel like it's Christmas morning. Well I hope you all had an awesome week and have an even better week this week! 

Love you guys<3   Elder Weston Bonny

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