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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week 20, 2/10/16

Hey everyone! This week wasn't super eventful missionary work wise unfortunately, but I still have some pretty fun stories for y'all. First item of business is that transfer calls were yesterday and I get to stay in the promised land another 6 weeks!!! I'm super excited about it, we have some great things going with some of the people we are working with here. Not to mention everything else about the area is awesome too. Basically I've just been really blessed :)  

Anyways on to this week's highlights, last Tuesday night we noticed that the northern lights were out really good, so we drove a little ways out of town to a dark place at 11 at night (we had permission) and watched them for a bit.... They were unreal . There was this big huge green ribbon across the entire sky and several other smaller ones by it that would light up super bright for a little and you could notice them moving a bit. It was legit. Unfortunately I didn't get any good pics, next time i definitely will though! 

Friday we had district meeting here in Slave. It was a good time, our district leader gave a good training on making our studies more effective. However, the real highlight from that was a little prank elder Hunsaker and I pulled haha... He served his last 6 months in Fort McMurray and a member up there gave him a game called "bean boozled". It's basically a game where you eat a bunch of different jelly bellys and they could either be a really good flavor or something super gross, flavors like vomit, canned dog food, booger, Clorox wipe, stinky socks, etc. I tried a few, and I couldn't even finish them, they are fetching gross k. We put a bowl of them out at district meeting and everyone took some and realized they were gross and spit them out and we had a good laugh. But then Elder Sortomme (yes the legend), basically the Dwight Schrute of our district, took another handful and downed them.... Then another handful... Then another.... He just kept shoveling them in as the meeting went on and he wasn't even phased! I could even smell them in his mouth from across the table haha! He ate pretty much the whole bowl and was just carrying on like normal and now we all think he is part goat. It was quite amazing. 

This is Bear, a cool dog we walk every Monday for a lady with health issues

The main highlight of this week was definitely Sunday. It was one of those roller coaster days where it goes good and then bad. Only one of the investigators we have been working with came to church (Len) and we were expecting another big turnout with Blake's family and a few other people so that was a bummer. Sacrament meeting starting out great, we got to participate in a baby blessing and it was a cool experience. There were some nice testimonies born, and then there was some less nice, somewhat apostate testimonies born as well towards the end of the meeting haha. After that we taught a good gospel principles lesson, had a good priesthood lesson, and then after church some not so good, frustrating things happened. 

After sacrament meeting we went up to Wabasca with the Parks to have a mini sacrament meeting up there, and bless two of their babies. We were hoping our investigator who wants to get baptized at the end of the month would be able to come to that and meet with us after, but the darn Super Bowl got in the way of that. When we walked in the house we were having it at we could all instantly feel the spirit there. We basically had a normal sacrament/fast and testimony meeting there with hymns and everything, and we got to participate in two more baby blessings. The spirit was there so strong the whole time.

 Afterwards they fed us a great meal and we got talking to this guy who wasn't a member and wasn't religious but he recently had a pretty miraculous experience that pretty much assured him that God is real. He really liked the feeling he got during the sacrament service and seeing his baby receive a blessing. We talked with him a little more and now he wants to meet with us next time we go up there! So ultimately it ended up being an awesome day:) 

Other than those few highlights, not a whole lot of super noteworthy things happened this week! We had a good lesson with Len on Saturday, did a lot of tracting and finding, did some service, went to a less active kids hockey game (hockey is dope), and just normal missionary things. It was another good week for me; I am continuing to see the Lords hand in the work and in my life more and more each day. If you all remember to pray, study your scriptures, go to church, and try to do what Heavenly Father wants you to do each day, then I can promise you all that you will see the same results :)   I love you all, thanks for the support! Have a great week!

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