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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week 19, 2/1/16

(Sorry, blog week posts out of order)

There are only 2 seasons in Canada...

Mi semana era más fina que los pelos de un sapo‏. I figured I would start off in Spanish this week to confuse you guys. Anyways, hola everyone - this week was absolutely great!!! We definitely saw a few miracles. The work is going well here in Slave Lake! Let me tell you guys about it.

Towards the beginning of the week we had a lesson with our investigator Bxxx and his family. He is a super awesome, kind, humble guy, and he has a rock solid testimony of the gospel. He has been out of town working for a while but he got back a few weeks ago and he's been coming to church regularly. He has quit drinking, smoking, and coffee and is super committed to the gospel. The only reason he isn't baptized yet is because he needs to get married, and he is probably waiting to get married until his girlfriend commits to the gospel so he can have an eternal marriage. They are one of those families that has a lot of kids from different past relationships... I think they have like 19 kids between the two of them haha.  I've only met 9 of them.
Recently discovered throwback pic to the days of Payne
But anyways, we taught Bxxxx and his girlfriend and two of her daughters earlier in the week. We had met with them a few weeks before and taught the restoration and introduced the Book of Mormon to them and invited them to read it, so we asked if they read any of it.... One of the daughters read the WHOLE THING. In like two weekends. WHAT?! The others had also done a little reading... But we were both pretty taken back. It ended up being a very spiritually powerful lesson with them. Later in the week on Saturday we had another appointment scheduled with them. When we got there, Bxxxx told us that none of the daughters could meet that night, but we could teach his boys instead. So we taught his four sons who range from age 8-13, and they are totally awesome!!! They understand everything so well and they want to be baptized! The next day they all came to church, and they all seemed to really enjoy it. It was Bxxxx, his girlfriend Bxx, her three daughters who are in their 20s, two of her daughters brought their baby/toddler boys, and all of his sons came too! 

So between them and two other investigators who came, we had 11 investigators at church!!  So we were pretty stoked about that to say the least. We are teaching them all tonight and hopefully they will all be on date for baptism after we are done there;) So that was the main highlight of the week. 

Just for fun we did a "missionaries in snow" photo shoot  :)

Other than that we helped a couple people move as usual, did lots of pretty unsuccessful finding, and had a great lesson with our awesome investigator Lxx. He is super close to accepting a baptismal date in my opinion. 

In other news at the beginning of the week it was super warm for a few days!! It got up to like 6 degrees Celsius it was so warm we didn't even need our jackets! 🌞 But now its cold again so everything that was melting is now frozen again, and there is literally ice everywhere!  We have to walk super carefully all the time. 

We also had a branch family history night, or at least attempted it. Other than us, the Parks, and the Relief Society president, only four people came haha. But some good definitely came from it.  Before it started Elder Hunsaker and I were training ourselves on how to do it so we could help other people (I did like zero family history before my mission.... my bad), and I found 19 names to take to the temple!! That just goes to show if you think your family history is pretty much done already, there's probably a lot more work to be done, you just need to find it ;) Well I hope you all had a great week too:) I love you all, God loves you all, and the church is true ️ byeee

                                               As you can clearly see, I dominated.

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