Serving in the Canada Edmonton Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week 21, 2/16/16

Another week down! Time is really flying by I can't believe it. I guess that's what happens when you're super busy and loving the mission! Well this week was full of great experiences and fun times. Not to mention it was Valentine's Day. Valentine's is a pretty big deal to us missionaries; it's basically what we look forward to all year. Kidding lol. 

How cute!  I wonder if they gave those balloons to each other...?

Anyways here are some highlights from this week: Last Tuesday night I felt like a true Canadian. WE WENT CURLING. It was actually really fun believe it or not, and it's pretty hard. The city was having this event called "Frostfest" last week, and as part of it there was a free curling night where people could come learn to curl for free. We figured we would go because it's a great opportunity to talk to a lot of people and be seen in the community and.... I mean.... It's free curling like you can't pass up on that. We had such a great time learning how and talking with the people there! We were with this other young couple learning from a couple kids on the high school curling team, and we all had fun getting to know each other and watching each other fail haha. We had some awesome opportunities to answer questions for them about what we do as missionaries and explained a couple things about our church, and got a potential investigator out of it! And if nothing else we provided some people with a good experience with "Mormon missionaries" that they will remember. 

Curling in Slave Lake...oversized shuffleboard with brooms?

Friday is where things started to get really good. We had a lesson with Bxxxx and all of his family who were at his house at the time, which ended up being three of his boys and his girlfriend Bxx, and her daughter who was in and out tending to her baby. We had a pretty average lesson with them, we taught the restoration again because Bxxxx's boys haven't heard it, and then towards the end the spirit literally just took over. It was one of the most powerful, spiritual lessons I have ever been in. We testified a lot about how God answers prayers and the Holy Ghost, and I can't really remember too much of what we said but we invited them pray with us right there to ask if what we taught is true. Bxxxx prayed that his family would know the truth like he has. He already has a rock solid testimony, he has changed so many things in his life and just needs to get married (or move out) to be baptized, and he won't marry Bxx unless he knows he can have an eternal marriage. Pretty much all their kids are open to the idea of baptism/ want to be baptized, and if Bxx got on board it would just all be perfect. After his prayer we all sat there quietly for a bit, and I was praying so hard that Bxx would get an answer. After that we said some things and then brought up baptism and committed them all to work towards being baptized on March 19th! A lot of things need to happen in order for them to be baptized, but they are all willing to work towards that date:) hopefully we will get the rest of the family on date in our lesson with them tonight! 

Saturday was lots of fun. We went to a little league hockey game (we have been going to a lot lately, I'll explain why in a bit), and did some other missionary work stuff during the day. Our branch had a potluck that night and we were feeling like contributing so we went and got some of the super easy holiday Pillsbury sugar cookies that you just throw in the oven for a few minutes.... Haha if only it were that easy. We made the first batch and they were great and as I was putting the second batch in, one of the rags I was holding (we don't have oven mitts) fell onto the oven burner and burst into flames within seconds hahaha. I hurried and closed the oven door and turned it off (that's what you're supposed to do.... right?), and my dear beloved companion.... Bless his heart haha he was freaking out and opened the door and poured literally the rest of the flour we had on it, and that only made it way worse, so then he poured like a quart of water on it and finally it was out. So needless to say we only brought 12 cookies to the potluck and we had a big mess to clean up later that night. 

learning lots of practical kitchen skills Mom

Before we went to the potluck we had a lesson/ played ping pong with our investigator Nxxx, and it went decently well. We were pretty sure he was high on weed. Oh well what can you do? At 6 we went to the potluck, and we had a great time! There was a great turnout, a lot of members brought family and a lot of less actives came. 

The miracle though, was that a certain inactive member (she is also a returned missionary) who got very offended at church a couple years ago and hasn't wanted anything to do with it since was there! The Parks have been working with her a lot for the past little while, and she broke her ankle a few weeks ago so we have been doing any service we can for her. We also have been going to her boys hockey games (she has three boys ages , 10 and 11) and talking with her there and building our relationship. It really is a miracle that she will even talk to us. She was very openly against having any involvement with the church or missionaries for quite some time, but now she is willing to let us teach her 3 boys and baptize them! We talked to her more at the potluck and she is ready to let us teach them, so we are hoping that means she will start coming back to church too. I can't really express just how miraculous the situation is!  

Well those are the big highlights from this week. Church was also great; we had 60 people there which is a lot for this branch, and 7 investigators.  Bxx didn't come but we still are hopeful for her :)  Other than that, this week was basically full of a lot snow shoveling, tracting, visiting less actives, and a few other good lessons with recent converts. We are having a great time up here in Slave Lake, and the Lord continues to bless us and the work up here:) 

I'm loving the mission!  I can testify that living the gospel of Jesus Christ and following His commandments really does bring true lasting joy and happiness :).  Sorry this email was so long!! I hope you all had a great week, and HAPPY LATE VALENTINES DAY. I love you all 

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