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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 79, 4/4/17

The church's Easter vid is sooo good!
Hey cuties! Life is good:)  I have a million and two things to write about, so I apologize in advance if this email ends up being a novel.  In the last 10 days we have put 3072 kilometres on our trusty RAV4. Just to put that in perspective, that is further than driving from Salt Lake to Atlanta.  We are running out of ways to stay entertained (or at least sane) in the car!.   

Welcome to Fort Vermillion - on the way to High Level

Last Tuesday evening we started our journey up to the thriving metropolis of High Level, Alberta.  It is about an 8 hour drive from Edmonton, and there was no way we were doing that all in one shot, so we stayed the night in the blessed land of Slave Lake:) The elders there were super hospitable and the Parks fed us a glorious breakfast feast before we were on the road again.  Shout out to the Parks, they are what one would call "true homies".  We rolled into High Level around 6 that night because we stopped in a town on the way and tracted a bit to break up the drive.  

The local preacher in Slave Lake

Heart attack in a box - Poutine

 Thursday we hopped back in the car and drove 3 hours even further north to a decent sized town called Hay River, which borders the Great Slave Lake to the south.  Its in the Northwest Territories!!!  It was crazy how far north we were, I could actually feel it, it was super weird haha.  Elder Chadsey (my awesome MTC comp) and Elder Collins had been wanting to get up there and do some work for awhile, and we have unlimited Ks so we went for it.  It was amazing how many prepared people there are up there!! We found a couple new awesome investigators and bunch of potentials, and had some great experiences. Everyone in the town was super nice, the trip was a success to say the least.  That night to top it off we got the best northern lights show I have ever had in my life:):):)   

Scenic country on the way to Grand Prairie

Exchanges with Tagalog Elders
 Friday we did some work in another town that was about an hour and a half away from High Level named La Crete. Most of the people there are Mennonites, but there were definitely still some prepared people, we found another investigator and a few potentials.  The next morning we headed down from High Level to a pretty big city about 5 hours south. Sadly that was Saturday morning, and we stopped to get a donair poutine in a cool town called Peace River, so we had to miss the morning and afternoon sessions of conference because we were on the road :(   I never thought I would miss conference as a missionary.  I'll catch up on it next week :) The parts of conference I did get to see were so good though! I especially loved the priesthood session.  It was amazing how specific each talk was.  We are so blessed to have a living prophet and apostles.   

BC!! - betcha didn't know that was in my mission

The rest of Saturday and Sunday we worked in Grande Prairie with the Tagalog elders, not a whole lot happened that is worth writing about, it was a great exchange and we did some good work :) the highlight was most definitely general conference.  Yesterday morning we left and headed northwest an hour and a half to a cool town in British Columbia called Dawson Creek, and tracted all day.  The highlights of the day were getting let in and fed pizza and mango juice by a Sikh dude, and our supper with a totally awesome quack lady :) We will be in Dawson Creek today and tomorrow and then we will head on the road again!   

Well that's pretty much it for this week.  I am loving the opportunity to get to know a bunch of missionaries and work in a bunch of different areas.  I wish I could say i love seeing a bunch of different beautiful places, but everything is still brown and dead up here haha.  I know that the gospel is true, and it is simple.  Doing the small and simple things will allow us to grow and nourish our testimony and bring us lasting peace and joy, and we will be rooted in Jesus Christ :)  Love you all!  

 Weekly Scripture:  Mark 9:23 23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.   

A memorable supper in Dawson Creek with the "quack lady"
Crossing the mostly frozen Peace River - beautiful country but spring seems A LONG ways away!

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