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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 36, 5/31/16

Sunset pic taken at 10pm
Hey Broskis.  This week was totally awesome!!!   A couple highlights: Thursday evening was pretty eventful, the Slave Lake crew came down to the city because Zone Conference was the next day, and we met up and got some donair poutine just like usual:) It was super good to catch up with them.  

Later that evening we were tracting down in this more ghetto part of the area, and some guy was eyeing down our bikes and grabbed one of them, thankfully we were right there in sight and we started walking over real fast and he dropped it and took off!  Then about 5 minutes later, we were riding out of that place and I was being a hoser and bunny hopping over the speed bumps, and Elder Jenson decided to give it a try, and he totally wiped out and hit his face on the pavement and tore a hole in his pants and everything.  I felt so bad for the guy.... So that put an end to our work that night. 

Friday was absolutely awesome.  We had zone conference, our last zone conference with President and Sister Manion .  I'm going to miss them tons!! President Manion gave a really great training on priesthood keys and really grilled it into our minds that President Pattison will hold the keys when he gets here.  I learned a lot, just like I do every time President Manion says anything.  There was so much more that I loved about zone conference but if I were to write about it this email would be way too long.  Let's just say I walked out of that meeting feeling spiritually higher than a kite.  Also another fun part about zone conference was that I got to see every single one of my past companions haha!  They are all in my stake, it was so fun to talk to them!

All my past comps in one place!
 The main highlight from this week was definitely Sunday evening. Earlier in the day church was dynamite as usual.  V and L (the Fort Mac evacuees/African refugees) came to church so that was nice!  They said the are probably going to be able to go back to Fort Mac this week though so we won't get to teach them, we will for sure refer them to the Fort Mac Elders though.  That night we had supper with the Bishop and his family which was awesome, they are super cool.  Not to mention they gave me three slices of the best apple pie ever with ice cream on top for dessert.  Tender mercies:) At the end of that visit Bishop gave us a super solid referral that we are very excited about, hopefully you will hear about him next week. 

Anyways though, after that we had an appointment set up with one of our potentials named Mary.  We have had a few appointments before and they have fallen through, so we were a little bit skeptical about this one but still trying to have faith.  We invited the elder's quorum president to come with us, and she was there and let us come in and we taught her a great first lesson!  We taught her, her 13 year old daughter J and her babysitter who lives there.  They all committed to come to church and read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and they seem very sincere!  They declined baptism because they "have already been baptized".... Haha we will have to talk more about that later.  We didn't want to ruin all the good we had going in that lesson and plus we had already been there like an hour and 20 minutes.  We are super excited about it though!  We are hoping we can teach her husband too, when he returns from working up in Fort Mac to get everything back up and running. 

Monday we had interviews with President Manion, which were great as usual... once again I'm gonna miss President and Sister Manion so much... I'm excited to get to experience serving under another mission president as well though. Well those are a couple of the highlights from this week!  In between those lovely experiences we were usually either doing yard work for people, walking around in the rain, weekly planning, trying to set up appointments with people, and going to appointments, many that fell through. Basically just the usual.  I really feel like the work in Greenfield is starting to turn a corner, and I'm so excited to see what the next couple weeks will bring.  

I have a testimony that this work is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ; that He lives and directs the work through inspiration from the Holy Ghost.  I have felt the Holy Ghost testify to me of the truthfulness of this gospel and that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live, and that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.  I can say that with all the confidence of my heart and soul:).  Love you all hope you all have a great first week of summer!   

Check out this dude...Canadians!
Weekly Scripture: Ephesians 5:9: "For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth"

Love - Elder B

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