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Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 37, 6/8/16

Hey friendlies. Well this week went by in more of a blur than usual, and it was a great one, full of little miracles! 

Wednesday I went on exchanges to the Rutherford area with Elder Pouliot and it felt like the longest exchange ever because we were up talking until 3 am, but it was probably the best exchange I have had my whole mission! Elder Pouliot has been out about a year and half and I learned a lot of great things from him, especially with finding. We had a killer day, we found four new investigators and taught a bunch of other people a brief Restoration lesson while tracting. Two of those investigators were totally prepared by the Lord, it was super cool to see! I also saw a Lamborghini and and Audi R8 like 2 minutes apart while I was in Rutherford so that was a tender mercy too:) It was a great day spent with Elder Pouliot, he's a super great dude. 

Sunglasses have been approved for proselying now  :)
Thursday the highlight of the day was probably teaching Zeke, our new 9 year old investigator. His mom is a single mom of 5, and they just moved into the ward not too long ago, and he hasn't been baptized so we are teaching him now! We have another lesson with him tonight and we are planning on getting him on date for baptism on July 16th. On this day I also saw ANOTHER Lamborghini! Two in two days. Wow. Talk about a shower of tender mercies. 

Friday was definitely one of the most different days I have had on my whole mission. In the morning from 8-1 we went with the rest of our district and our zone leaders to do this service that the missionaries in Edmonton have been helping out at all week. The national junior gymnastics competition was being held here in Edmonton this year, and we missionaries volunteered to help with security. So we have been doing shifts of security at this huge gymnastics competition, and our shift was Friday morning. Basically all we did was put on our yellow Mormon volunteer vests and stand at certain areas of the arena where we were placed and make sure nobody had floor access without having their "credentials". Elder Jenson and I were put in the least busy spot in the arena, right on the floor next to the bleachers, so we basically just got to watch a bunch of 14-18 year olds who are crazy good at gymnastics do their thing. It was interesting/very boring at times lol. We got a good lunch afterward though!  After that we did more service helping clean this lady's super gross house... Tons of fun... But she definitely needed the help so it was good! 

Our friend Erwin is now a proud daddy!

Saturday was the baptism for a 9 year old girl the sisters have been teaching, and we were asked to give a companionship presentation/talk thingy at that, and it went decently well. We basically taught the Restoration but focused primarily on priesthood authority through the whole thing. Sunday was so great!! Fast Sunday's always end up being the best days. We had a great lesson in priesthood about "true greatness," we gave a dece lesson on repentance in gospel principles, and fast and testimony meeting was a spiritual powerhouse. The spirit was too strong for me to not get up and share my testimony, so I did, which always makes the day better. 

Monday was also awesome, it was super hot (at least for Canada... I feel so bad for all you homies in Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, etc.) We basically had a finding day, where we did every different form of finding we could think of (tracting, street contacting, bus contacting, transit center contacting, trying to have conversations in stores and hoping they will ask about what we do as missionaries, service tracting, prayer tracting, etc.) and it was amazing how many people we talked to!! We didn't find any legit new investigators but a few really solid potentials and referrals for other areas, and we had some great discussions with a lot of people. Overall it was a super tiring, hot, brutal day of missionary work but the spirit we felt the whole time and the satisfaction when the day was over was so worth it. 

I love being a missionary! Oh and we also had another appointment set up with Mary J and A but it sadly fell through, but we have another one set up for Thursday so hope is still alive! Well that's the rundown for this week! I hope you all had an awesome one as well. Love you all, the church is true!

 Byeeee  - Love Elder B 

Weekly scripture (it's a quote this week): “True greatness [comes from] the thousands of little deeds and tasks of service and sacrifice that constitute the giving, or losing, of one’s life for others and for the Lord.” -President Howard W. Hunter

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