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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 27, 3/29/16

We found this old relic while tracting.  Apparently its called a phone booth, and you can't even text from it!

Well the dreaded day of TRANSFER CALLS came yesterday and..... I'm headed down to the heart of Edmonton to serve in the GREENFIELD area! I leave tomorrow morning, and I'll be companions with Elder Alvey. I've actually served around him before and I went on an exchange with him and he is awesome, I think we will do great work and have a good time while we are at it. He is a Pats fan too so that's a plus! 

Tagalog Elder Cayabyab is my hero!

Anyways this week was super eventful once again! Tuesday and Wednesday the Tagalog Elders came up because we got a couple appointments with Filipino investigators for them. They are super fun to be around so that was a blast. Wednesday we had a district meeting here in town and it was great! We got to play 4 on 4 basketball afterwards (we have connections at the local college) and it was SO FUN. First time I have played ball other than 1 on 1 since the MTC. We had a great time. 
The District (FINALLY got to play some something other than 1 on 1)

After that I went on an exchange to Athabasca with Elder Moline. Thursday morning in Athabasca I got to go do service at "Alfred's farm" and it was actually a really good time. We just hauled a bunch of hay and did some other little things but for some reason I kind of liked the farm feeling. And he showed me some of his hogs.... Oh my goodness. Those things are gargantuan. Honestly that might have been the highlight of my week just seeing how huge the pigs were!  

Zone Leader Alert!  Elders Sanchez and Rich
Saturday morning the zone leaders came up to exchanges. Elder Sanchez and I went tracting out in this pretty cool secluded vacation spot called Marten Beach. It wasn't super successful but the people were nice at least. Easter Sunday was great! There were so many little miracles that we saw at church. It would take forever to explain them all so I won't but those tender mercies are always nice:). After church we went up to Wabasca again to visit Lxxx in the hospital. He has been there all week and is having a lot of problems and nobody really knows if he is going to pull through, not even the doctors (Canadian doctors.... Smh). He is pretty miserable though. We and the Parks talked to him for a while and gave him a blessing. If he weren't having so many health problems right now he would totally be all on board for baptism. Apparently the Catholic priest came in several times to do last rights.... and Lxxx brought his Book of Mormon with him to the hospital, and that hoser stole it! He just said "you don't need this" and walked right out with it . After that Lxxx told him to not come back anymore!  He said he likes the feeling he gets when we give him blessings a lot better than the priest. Several times he told us he was happy with the church he has chosen. He just needs to pull through! If you all could say a quick prayer for him right now that would be much appreciated, thanks :). Not to mention his 18 month old daughter is the cutest thing to walk the face of the earth and the thought of her not having a dad is just awful. 

As for lessons this week, we had a couple good lessons with the fam again, they are still doing great. I'm pretty bummed I won't get to go to their baptism but oh well. We also had a great lesson with Len and the Parks too. He is SO close. Instead of saying "if you get baptized" now we are saying "when you get baptized" to him. I'm guessing he will get baptized next month. We also taught Nxxx (who came to church for the first time in Sunday!) last night and had a little hot dog roast with him and Desiree, it was super fun! We taught him about prophets and it went pretty well. 

...and really gonna miss Len.

Gonna miss Bear...

Well that's my last week in the promised land, Slave Lake. I'm pretty sad to be leaving everything here, but it has been an awesome 6 months and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I've had to serve here and be an instrument in the Lord's hands. I'm excited to have a new experience in Greenfield and I'll tell you all about it next week! I love you all I hope your Easter was 10/10 and I hope you all have at least an 8/10 week this week;) toodles. 🏼 

  Elder Weston Bonny

Good ole hot dog roast with Desiree, and 6 months tie burning ceremony!

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