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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 26, 3/23/16

Hey cuties:) Wow I can't believe I've been out 6 months already.... Time has gone by so fast!!! This week was awesome and very busy!! It was probably one of the most eventful weeks of my mission thus far, and a lot of great/funny things happened so buckle up, this email is probably going to be another long one - sorry! 

This week we taught the fam three times, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and they all came to the branch potluck on Friday and had a good time there too. All of our lessons with them were great, especially our lesson on Thursday. We brought a 21 year old recent convert named Desiree with us, and it was great to have her there to be able to relate to the daughters, answer their questions, and testify. The boys were being pretty rowdy and not paying attention super well the whole time, so elder Hunsaker told them if they could sit still and listen till we were done we would show them a really ugly picture of elder Bonny haha. It worked pretty well, and we ended up showing them ugly pics of each other after the lesson.... They were all laughing pretty hard so I don't think we creeped them out too bad! 

If the resolution was a little better, you could appreciate this amazing 'Blue Steel' look in front of the Edmonton temple

Our lesson on Tuesday was great too, we taught them about temples and eternal marriage. We showed them pictures of temples and they really liked them. We were passing the iPads around with pictures of temples, and Bxxxx and Bxx were both looking at a picture of the Ogden Temple sealing room together and talking quietly for about a minute.... Precursor to future events???  We'll see ;)    And I guess I need different socks because in the middle of the lesson little eight year old Tyrone raised his hand and said, "I just have one question..... WHATRE THOOOOSE??!!" and pointed at my socks hahahaha. Most of you people who haven't recently been in high school might not get that but it definitely made us laugh. None of this is even important or significant though compared to the news we heard after our lesson on Saturday.... The actual lesson was pretty dece, only the boys and what were there. We had to basically bribe the boys to be quiet again by telling them we do push-ups after if they could be good for the rest of the lesson haha.... But anyways, after the lesson and after the push-ups we were talking to Bev and we found out that THEY GOT ENGAGED ON THURSDAY NIGHT. THIS IS REAL LIFE THEY ARE ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED!!!!!  We don't know know when yet, but they are planning on having it at our church and they are going to ask President Park to marry them, and it will probably just be a really small wedding and they will do something big later. But this is such a big deal!! This was the one thing in the way of Bxxxx getting baptized, and we didn't want to baptize anyone else in the family without at least one of the parents. I have basically been waiting for this news ever since I got to Slave Lake. Such a miracle! 

A Filipino investigator we taught with the Tagolog Elders

Well everything else from this week takes a back seat to that news, but a lot of other things happened so I'll just quickly list some other things that happened: Wednesday we went down to Edmonton for a zone training meeting, and it was great! Of course we got donair poutine too because a trip to Edmonton is incomplete without some sort of donair food. Thursday I got attacked by Dusty's three year old son Noah and his food-coloring-mixed-with-water spray bottles.  We were walking up to her door to invite her to the potluck and see how she was doing and Noah was outside spraying the snow.... So we got closer and then he tried spraying us and we had a little power struggle with him, trying to get him to not spray us so we could talk to his mom haha. After a little bit of that he decided to chase us.... So we ran away and came back a little while later, and he was still there so I decided I was sick of running away from a three year old so I tried to block the spray with my hand and just go knock on the door, but he absolutely destroyed me. I had blue food colored water all over me head to toe!  Elder Hunsaker thought that was pretty funny. Thankfully the stains all came out. 

Friday was the potluck and everyone had a great time, it was great for the fam to go and become better acquainted with the branch! Saturday we had a great lesson with Lxx, another one with Desiree, and another one with the fam, where we found out the great news:) Sunday Bxxxx and Bxx and the boys came to church along with Lxx as usual. After church we went up to Wabasca to do the sacrament again, and it was great! After the sacrament we were able to set apart the mother of that home in her new calling as the relief society second counselor, anoint and give blessings to two people, and dedicate the home. We were hoping to teach Txxxxxx (he actually came this time!) and Lxxx while we were there but we didn't have time. When we got back we taught Nick, Desiree's brother, and then played ping pong after as usual. 

Meet Oswold, super friendly stray cat the hangs out at the church

Well there's my week! I love being a missionary and I love being able to testify of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. He is our Heavenly Father's only begotten Son. He came to earth, performed miracles, taught the people His gospel and established His church, suffered and atoned for our sins and was crucified, and He rose from the grave on the third day. He lives today!! I hope you all have an awesome Easter and remember our Savior and what He did for us! Love you all!:)  

Elder Weston Bonny

Weekly scripture: D and C 76:22 22 And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!   

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