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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 16, 1/16/16

I took E. Hunsaker out to the lake shore on our way back from exchanges.  I may or may not have driven on the ice.

Hey there cuties. This week was great! Hopefully you all had the best week ever and you can tell me about it today... And not to sound desperate for emails haha but even if you had a crappy week I would still love to hear from you guys;) This week started off with exchanges, our district leader, Elder Powell, came to Slave Lake with me and we had a good time. There are these two massive mansions here in Slave Lake that I have never had the chance to tract before, so we knocked on both those doors and it was kinda intimidating. One of them answered and said they weren't interested and the other one we could tell they were home but nobody answered... Oh well everyone deserves a chance to hear about the gospel right? The rest of that exchange wasn't super productive, basically everybody was busy or not home. Thursday night we finally got to meet again with Warren and Sammy.  They hadn't been answering our calls or texts or anything for a while, so we were getting pretty bummed out, but we finally got to teach them again and it was great.  They are definitely still interested in learning!

Pointless selfie with E. Powell

I would say the highlight of this week was Friday. We had been planning on taking a trip up an hour and a half north to a sketchy town called Wabasca, so we had a bunch of appointments set up with less actives up there and with a former investigator who wants to be baptized!  The Parks came with us and between the two of us we visited two less active families, two other less actives, and our former investigator, Tanner.  All of our visits were much needed and very productive!  Some of the families and people up there can't really come to church all that often because of the long trip and other reasons, and they were very grateful to feel the spirit that missionaries bring into their home. Most of the people we visited found a way to get to church on Sunday so that was good to see :)  We didn't end up getting back to slave lake till about 10:15, and I totally thought I would get to finally see the northern lights on our drive back but no luck still :( I'm starting to think they're not even real and the whole world has combined against me for one big prank or something... So if that's true can ya'll stop please?    

Yes, Elder Bonny...the northern lights (aurora borealis) do in fact exist.

Our branch mission leader and his wife.  They are awesome but are leaving for California  :(

Sunday night we got to watch President Russell M. Nelson speak the worldwide YSA devotional and it was SO GOOD. He talked about how we are the "Millennials" who are preparing the world for the second coming of Christ, and all the different ways we can avoid Satan's ever increasing influence on the world. The whole thing was so cool. Other than that not too much happened this week. Yesterday we helped Lawerance cut down a big tree and cut it up for his firewood supply for most the day. We had an appointment with our gay investigator but surprise surprise... It fell through. I hope you're all loving life and remembering to pray and read your scriptures and do the important things. Love you all and go pats this Saturday!!      Elder Bonny

I didn't get the before picture but the after of the stump will have to do.  I love splitting wood!!

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