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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Week 15, 1/4/16

One last district pic before transfers

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Well this week was a bit of a downer at first because my bff Elder Payne got transferred:( I had been dreading that day for a while.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to be trained by him.  We did some good work and had some good times that's for sure! 

Wednesday was transfers and I saw my first moose on the way down to the city :) and then after that I saw 3 more, so that was pretty cool. But the main event of transfers: I got my new comp Elder Hunsaker! I scored again with this guy.  He's from Syracuse Utah, he's served his whole mission (6 months) up in Fort McMurray so far, and he's super great.  We are both pumped to do some good work together! 

Elder Hunsaker!

Well there weren't too many highlights this week other than getting a new comp.  The whole rest of the week up until Sunday was kind of rough, adjusting to a new companion and getting him up to speed on the area, and the work was pretty slow.  New Year's Eve was no different than any other night haha.  Earlier that day we helped someone move for like 6 hours, we moved so much stuff!!!  We were both so tired by the end of the day.  Saturday we drove clear out to a cool, secluded place called Fawcett Lake, and visited with a less active.  She is probably the most stereotypical "cat lady" on the face of the earth haha she's awesome.  So we talked cats with her for a while and shared a message, it was great. That was probably the most exciting thing other than transfers that happened this week. 

Gorgeous sunrise on the way down to transfers

I absolutely love Sundays in the mission field.  Being able to just go to church, relax a little bit, partake of the sacrament, and feel the spirit is so rejuvenating! Sunday night we were able to stop by all of our investigators and set up appointments!  We were super stoked about this because all of them have been acting super flakey and not answering our calls or coming to church or anything haha. Well that's basically all that happened this week worth mentioning haha.  

I hope you all had a fun last week of Christmas break!  Love you all!   Elder Bonny   

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