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Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 11, 12/10/15

Ok first off, I sent a Christmas card to everyone who asked for one, hopefully they get there before Christmas...if not, oh well. 

Ok I know missionaries say it all the time, but this week seriously flew by! So much happened every day that this week just blended all together. At the beginning of the week we had a district meeting where our zone leaders met up with us, and we blitzed with them. Blitzing is when you go on exchanges but all stay in the same area, so elder Payne and I split up and each went with one of our zone leaders in Slave Lake, and we got a lot of work done. I went with Elder Rich, and we taught Lawrence a great lesson! I was kind of nervous about basically being the one to lead everything and do most of the teaching, but I was able to be confident and do a decent job. That was definitely an answer to my prayers. It was a great lesson and we helped prepare Lawrence more for his baptism and solidify his decision. I was able to learn some good things from Elder Rich and it fun to have them over to stay the night in our apartment. 

Hey President Park, can we go thrift shopping?

A few days later when we were tracting, we knocked on a door, and the guy who answered was super nice and after we gave our spiel, he invited us in and said, "oh yeah come on in I'm just chillin with my boyfriend." So we were pretty bummed right off the bat hearing that haha. What was even more depressing was that the lesson went great and he believed everything we taught, and he even committed to baptism  so he's going to be for a rough surprise. Oh and thanks to that, in our role plays in our companion study, we get to play the role of a gay investigator now.... It's been pretty... Interesting. Hopefully we handle things well with him haha. 

Probably the most eventful day this week was Sunday. We had twice as many people as we usually do at church! We had about half of our investigators there, and a lot of less actives as well. After church we got a call from a less active who asked us to go give a blessing to her son. We went to his house and... wow he wasn't doing too good. We just let him vent for about 30 minutes and pretty much every problem you can think of, he has been struggling badly with it. He almost seemed like he had demons inside or something at first. He was just so spazzy and had a freaked out look in his eye, and it was a little scary. After he vented, we told him how we can all be healed through Christ, and how we were going to go about this process, and told him some other things. After that we anointed and gave him a blessing, and I got the opportunity to give my first blessing:) It was such a spiritually powerful experience. After that, the difference in how he was acting from when we first arrived was night and day. He was so much more calm and peaceful.

A few hours after that he came to the Christmas Devotional with us, which was good for him. I loved Elder Bednar and Elder Uchtdorf's talks!! Hopefully we can help him get back to where he wants to be. Yesterday was another awesome day, we had a lesson with one of our favorite investigators, Len. We have asked him to be baptized a couple times, but he has heart problems and has said he needs to worry about that right now before he can get baptized, and whenever we ask him it stresses him out a lot so we have tried to make our last few lessons a lot more stress free, and we are going to focus again on baptism after Christmas. 

We also had a fun lesson with two of our newest investigators, Warren and Sammy. We taught them the first lesson since last time we taught the plan of salvation, and they had A TON of questions, just like last time. That's what made it fun:) we answered all of them pretty well, and they understood everything. The best part was at the end, they were kind of wondering what the Holy Ghost was and what it felt like, and Elder Payne and I both testified powerfully to them about how we know the Holy Ghost is real. After that Sammy seemed pretty amazed and she said she could feel the power coming from us when we were talking. "That's the Holy Ghost!" we told her. It was an awesome experience:) Well those are a few of the highlights from this week. I hope you are all doing well and are having a great Christmas season. 

Love you all!  Elder Bonny

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